professornana (professornana) wrote,

The picture books come a marching in

In SOME CAT (FSG, June 2012), Mary Casanova and illustrator Ard Hoyt introduce us to Violet, a shelter cat brought to a new home where she terrorizes the other pets, slinks and hides, and basically wants to be left alone. And then one afternoon, a pack of dogs chase Violet and cause her to reconsider her actions. <82>

MY SNAKE BLAKE by Randy Siegel with illustrations by Serge Bloch (Roaring Brook Press, June 2012) is about Blake, the remarkable snake. Blake can spell out words using his long green body. He is helpful around the house, too. Simple illustrations with the large splash of green that is Blake make this a book that is interesting in its design and execution. <83>

PEEPSQUEAK by Leslie Ann Clark (Harper 2012) is determined to fly. He is not built for flying, of course, and all of the other animals make fun of his dogged determination. One day, the solution to Peepsqueak's problems presents itself in the form of a helpful goose. Dreams can come true! <84>

HORESEFLY AND HONEYBEE by Randy Cecil (Holt, May 2012) finds horsefly disturbed by honeybee as he is sleeping inside a flower. The two argue about who should have the rights to the flower. Their fight leaves them both with only one wing. This means they are vulnerable to predators, and a big bullfrog captures them both and prepares to eat them for dinner. How can they escape? <85>

Vernon the toad is set on finding A HOME FOR BIRD by Philip C. Stead (Roaring Brook, June 2012). Bird is not much help as he is silent and does not move. But Vernon is committed to finding bird's home. Finally, within a clock inside a home, Vernon discovers the right home for Bird. <86>

Skunk is THE EASTER BUNNY'S ASSISTANT in this new book by Jan Thomas (Harper 2012). Unfortunately, every time the skunk becomes excited about helping in the Easter preparations, he emits a noxious odor. Will it be possible for skunk to help the Easter Bunny? <86>
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