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Both of my teens are huge fans of TWILIGHT and NEW MOON and eager for some new juicy vampire books. Enter Cynthia Leitich Smith and TANTALIZE, her first foray into the dark world of vampires and werecreatures.

Quincie is in love with Kiernen who is part werewolf. When Kiernen admits that he needs to leave her to seek out a wolf pack of his own, Quincie is determined to fight for her love. However, she has several distractions in her life. Her guardian is in love with a new bimbo and not taking care of the business affairs of the soon-to-be reopened restaurant left to Quincie by her parents. Sanguini's will offer more than standard fare in its new resurrection: it will be a vampire-themed eatery. Quincie needs a head chef, one who can create cuisine that will attract and keep customers. When her ad is answered by Henry Johnson, Quincie is not sure she can transform this mild mannered guy into the Prince of Darkness he needs to be in order to woe the diners from other restaurants.

Of course, there are some delicious twists and turns to this story. Werecreatures, vampires, unsolved murders, and more are sure to satisfy readers who lust for blood lore and romance and mysteries. Leitich-Smith has woven a lovely tale that is already causing the two teens here at home to argue about who gets to read it first. Cool, huh? If you have not run into Cyn in her cyber incarnations, be sure to visit her web site and her blog. She is not only a talented author, she has crazy fabulous web resources.

I will have to scan in the cover as it is not yet posted to the usual sites. It is terrific as well.

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