professornana (professornana) wrote,

nonfiction strikes again

OCEAN AND SEA is one of Scholastic's Discover More series. Steve Parker includes a lot of information in this book about the oceans and seas of the world. However, the organization of each double page spread and initiating questions at the outset of each chapter will permit readers either to browse for interesting facts or to locate specific information more readily. As is the case with all the books in the series, there is a free digitally downloaded companion book for this title. <60>

Learn all about THE ELEMENTS by Dan Green (Scholastic 2012). How wonderful it would have been to have had this book as I struggles with some of my science classes. Information in presented both graphically and in the text. Each page's layout has items such as call out boxes, diagrams, interesting facts, and much more. Part of the Discover More series, there is a digitally download able book to accompany this traditional text. <61>
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