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looking at history through picture books

Based upon the experience of the author's family, I WILL COME BACK FOR YOU: A FAMILY IN HIDING DURING WORLD WAR II by Marisabina Russo (Schwartz and Wade 2011) opens with a granddaughter asking her grandmother about the charm bracelet she always wears. Grandmother relates the meaning of each of the charms as she tells the story of having to go into hiding during World War II in Italy as anti-Semitism sentiments ran high. The endpapers are photos from the author's childhood from WWII era. <51>

BORN AND BRED IN THE GREAT DEPRESSION by Jonah Winter and Kimberly Bulcken root (Schwartz and Wade 2011) is a memoir of sorts. A young boy tells the story of his father's childhood growing up in east Texas during the Great Depression. End papers also feature photographs of the author's family from the era of the Depression.

BETSY ROSS by Becky White with illustrations by Megan Lloyd (Holiday House 2011) shows readers the design and execution of the flag by Betsy Ross in simple poetic language. "Betsy ripped/Rip/Rip/Seven rich/Crimson strips." Few words make this a terrific choice for young readers. Illustrations are done in applique, fitting for the subject of this biography. <53>
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