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musings from ALA

I spent most of the time in Boston sitting and discussing books with the esteemed members of the Quick Picks Committee. What a grand time we had arguing about books, pleading for our favorites to remain on the list, coming up with annotations for the 80 books that made the final list. True hog heaven for this book lover.

Glad to see Meg Rosoff's book win the Printz. It was the only one I managed to pick. Now I am in the process of finding the other titles on the shelf and reading them to keep up with the award winners.

On the plane ride back from Boston I finished the galley of the Julius Lester book, A DAY OF TEARS. Wow, he has come full circle from TO BE A SLAVE in this remarkable narrative (told in dialog and monologue) about the real life auction of more than 400 slaves in just 2 days. Incredibly powerful book.

I began reading THE LIGHTNING THIEF by Ric Riordan, a former middle school teacher in San Antonio. Meet Percy (short for Perseus) as he faces dangerous beasts including the Minotaur and one of the Furies in this romp of a fantasy with plenty of references to mythology.

Huzzahs to all the winners!
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