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Have a pack rat who lives with you? I do, two of them. I think I might just have to share these picture books with them both.

Edward loves STUFF. In Margie Palatini's new picture book, STUFF (Katherine Tegen Books 2011), Edward becomes so consumed with is stuff that he does not have time or room for his friends or even his pets. Then, one day, Edward is trapped inside by all his stuff. Will someone be able to rescue him? Take a close look at the illustrations to see what Edward thinks is worth keeping, too. <38>

In STUCK by Oliver Jeffers (Philomel 2011), Floyd gets his kite stuck in a tree. In order to dislodge it, he throws one shoe and then another. They both become stuck. Soon, Floyd has lost a ladder, a boat, a whale, and sundry other things in the tree. How can he ever rescue his kite? <39>
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