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family and friends

THE HERO OF LITTLE STREET by Gregory Rogers (Roaring Brook Press, March 2012) is the third book in the boy bear series (and it is not necessary to have seen the other two to enjoy this one). it is a textless adventure in picture book/graphic novel format that follows a boy escaping a gang of bullies. Readers can tell their own story as they follow our "hero"into a museum and then into a painting. <34>

THE FAMILY TREE by David McPhail (Holt, March 2012) presents the story of a tree that has been in one family for a long time. When the family first arrived, they left one tree standing for shade and shelter. As time passes, the tree grows taller and is slowly surrounded by new members of the family. One day, the tree is scheduled for destruction; it will be cut down to make room for a new highway. However, one young boy is determined to save the "family tree." <35>
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