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history in many forms and formats

Kadir Nelson creates a memorable reading and viewing experience in HEART AND SOUL: THE STORY OF AFRICA AND AFRICAN AMERICANS (Balzer and Bray 2011). As he did in WE ARE THE SHIP, Nelson creates a narrator to tell the story of the history from Colonial times to post Civil Rights Movement. Paintings of key players and events extend and elaborate the text which is immediately accessible to readers. This is a book that begs to be browsed at first, taking time to view the illustrations that are hallmarks of Nelson's work. The text can be enjoyed silently, but the rhythm and style beg for a good read aloud as well. <24>

NEVER FORGOTTEN by Patricia McKissack with illustrations by Leo and Diane Dillon (Schwartz and Wade 2011) uses poems to tell the story of one family's travails in slavery. McKissack's voice never waivers as she gives voice to various
characters" and their experiences from capture to final freedom. Acrylic and watercolor illustrations are highly stylized and provide the perfect colors, tones, and symbols from each of the stories contained in this book. <25>
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