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11 EXPERIMENTS THAT FAILED by Jenny Offill and Nancy Carpenter (Schwatrz and Wade 2011) certainly mimics the scientific process with hypotheses and experiments that intend to prove or disprove them. However, a close examination of the hypotheses reveals the humorous approach to discovery. One hypothesis suggests it is possible to survive eating only ketchup covered snow. Failed hypothesis. Another suggests that dogs like to be covered in glitter. Failed hypothesis. Tons of humor in this book that begs to be pored over by young readers. <17>

MISS LINA'S BALLERINAS AND THE PRINCE by Grace Maccarone with illustrations by Christine Davenier brings back Sabrina, Christine Davenier (Feiwel and Friends 2011) brings back Edwina, Nina, Katrina, Justina, Regina, marina, and Bettina. Now they are to be joined by a boy who will play the prince in their new recital. The ballerinas have visions of grand dances with the boy. However, his appearance does not quite measure up to their visions. <18>

A different kind of dance is featured in DANCING ON GRAPES by Graziella Pacini Buonanno with illustrations by Gina Capaldi (Boyds Mills Press 2011). Claudia's family gathers at the end of the grape harvest for their family tradition of dancing ion the grapes. Will Claudia be allowed to participate? if so, will she have the courage to climb to the roof where the dancing occurs? <19>

THE LEPRECHAUN UNDER THE BED by Teresa Bateman with illustration by Paul Meisel (Holiday House 2012)is an interesting variation on the story of the elves and the shoemaker. In this story, Sean, a shoemaker, builds his house right over the home of a leprechaun named Brian. Brian tries everything to scare Sean away to no avail. Ultimately, the two become good friends with some surprising results. <20>
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