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looking from a different angle

WHITE WATER: INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY by Michael Bandy and Eric Stein with illustrations by Shadra Strickland (Candlewick Press 2011) is an interesting look at how one boy viewed the Jim Crow laws as a child. Michael drinks from the "Colored" fountain and finds the water gorss: gritty and rusty tasting. he imagines how sweet the water in the "White" fountain must be and dreams of being able to drink from it. When he finally succeeds, he discovers that the same pipe feeds both fountains. His insight into this event shapes his thinking about the Civil rights Movement and his ability to become whatever he wants to become. <8>

DINOSAUR DIG! by Penny Dale is a fun and fast paced counting book with dinosaurs using earth moving equipment to build their own pool. Lots of onomatopoeia. <9>
Tags: perspective
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