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more nonfiction for the new year

TITANIC SINKS by Barry Denenberg (Viking 2011) will transport readers to the time and place of the sailing and eventual sinking of the Titanic. Denenberg uses primary source documents (logs, newspaper stories, etc.) to set the stage for the events leading to the destruction of the ship once deemed indestructible. <4>

STRANGE CREATURES: THE STORY OF WALTER ROTHSCHILD AND HIS MUSEUM (Disney Hyperion 2011) is a biography of a man who dreamed as a child about a museum that would contain his collections as well as various species of animals. Rothschild was the son of one of the bankers for Queen Victoria. He viewed his son's interest in nature as something that needed to be squashed. Walter, however, persevered in his pursuit of knowledge of the natural world and eventually realized his dream of opening his own museum <5>
Tags: narrative nonfiction, nonfiction, picture books
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