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odds and endings

SOLOMON CROCODILE by Catherine Rayner (FSG 2011) has a grinning Solomon on the cover. Solomon loves to scare the frogs and upset the other wildlife near the water. They, of course, chastise him for his behavior. However, it is all in good fun. But it does make it tough to find a friend. <706>

THE PRINCESS OF BORSCHT by Leda Schubert with illustrations by Bonnie Christensen (Roaring Brook 2011) opens with Ruthie visiting her grandmother in the hospital. The only thing that will make grandma feel better is a bowl of borscht. But Grandma falls asleep before telling Ruthie how to make it or even where to find the recipe. Ruthie enlists some of grandma's neighbors who argue about the best way to make borscht. Recipe included. <707>

As THE PRINCE'S NEW PET by Brian Anderson (Roaring Brook 2011) opens, the young Prince Viridian is mourning the total absence of color in his father's kingdom. The Royal Color Catcher has banished all color as it reminds the king of his late wife. However, when a strange gift arrives for Prince Viridian's birthday, the gray kingdom just might stand a chance of getting some of its color back. <708>

HENRY'S HEART (Holt 2011) is a terrific example of how fact and fiction can coexist beautifully together. Charise Mericle Harper tells the story of Henry and his heart. One day, while walking with his father, Henry's heart begins to beat faster. What is making this change in heart rate? Henry has spied a puppy in the pet store window. His father says they cannot buy the puppy, and Henry returns home to hole up in his room. Concerned, his mother takes Henry to the doctor who has a special prescription to help Henry's heart. <709>

BABY, COME AWAY by Victoria Adler with illustrations by David Walker (FSG 2011) has a driving rhythm that will take the reader along with baby as he interacts with birds, and cats, and dogs, and other things over the course of a busy day. Not quite a lullaby but more of a marching song with great repetition to encourage young kids to read along. <710>
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