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SERIOUSLY, CINDERELLA IS SO ANNOYING: THE STORY OF CINDERELLA AS TOLD BY THE WICKED STEPMOTHER by Tricia Speed Shaskan with illustrations by Gerald Guerlais (Picture Window Books 2011) presents readers who know one version of the story of Cinderella with a story from another point of view. Cinderella's stepmother bemoans her new stepdaughter's tendency to tell stories. Right before the royal ball, Cinderella loses her voice and has to stay home. However, she does make it to the ball and marries the Prince. Now both Cinderella and her stepmother can live happily ever after. <696>

Another retelling of a classic fable is THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER by Mark White (Picture Window 2011). Simple text and illustrations tell the story of a hard working ant who has food stored for when the weather turns cold. Poor grasshopper is left out in the cold!
Tags: fables, fairy tales
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