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Tom's father is too afraid to go outside to see the marvelous shows Tom as designed (snails on a trampoline; squirrels on the trapeze). In TOM THE TAMER by Tjibble Veldkamp and Philip Hopman (Lemniscaat 2011), readers will see the clever solution Tom comes up with to make his father much less fearful of the outdoors and of animals. <693>

THE HELPFUL ELVES by August Kopisch with illustrations by Beatrice Braun-Fock (Floris Books 2011) features a die cut on the cover showing 10 helpful elves watching over a sleeping figure in bed. As the story unfols, as each page is turned, the elf (which sits on the top border of the page) goes from facing the reader to the back view. This clever design (which I have ham handedly tried to describe) adds to the fun of the story. <694>

HUSH LITTLE TURTLE by Maranke Rinck and Martjin van der Linden (Lemniscaat 2011) is a board book about a turtle that is too restive to fall asleep. The animals try remedies including warm milk and lullabies to no avail. How will they be able to help turtle sleep? <695>
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