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here we go again

I know many people make New year's resolutions. I used to do that, too. Perhaps it is advancing age, but I have stopped with this practice. Long range plans seems to go awry too easily these days. So, I try each morning to set some goals for that day. At the end of the day I can take stock and see where I need to go tomorrow. Reflection becomes more important to me as the years pass.

So, no big goals for 2012. I do hope to read one more book than I read last year (742). I do hope to continue to keep the blog up to date. I want to begin doing the revision for MAKING THE MATCH (more about that to come) and begin a draft of the next book. I think that will keep me busy since I still have College Girl and my Better Half and the New Home Owners as well as my friends and colleagues that I hope to spend time with, too.

Here's hoping for a 2012 filled with wonderful books! And here is Scout rining in the New Year...

Tags: new year, resolutions
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