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picture books and animal romps

SCOOTER IN THE OUTSIDE by Anne Bowen with illustrations by Abby Carter (Holiday House 2012) will delight readers as they follow Scooter the dog on an adventure outside on his own. At first, life is quite good as he bounces merrily down the street and crosses to the "other side." Soon, though, he is lost and frightened. His owner comes to his rescue, thankfully, and Scooter has learned a valuable lesson about the outside. <675>

ZOO AH-CHOOO by Peter Mandel with illustrations by Elwood Smith (Holiday House 2012) is a comical look at what happens one day at the zoo when the sneeze of a snow leopard seemingly triggers a chain reaction with all the animals in turn sneezing and causing quite a bit of mess and mayhem. <676>

AUNT ANT LEAVES THROUGH THE LEAVES: A STORY WITH HOMOPHONES AND HOMONYMS by Nancy Coffelt (Holiday House 2012) is similar to The Little Red Hen. Monkey has a ton of bananas and wants to make pie. The animals, though, are all in too much of a hurry to help, at least at first. Aunt Ant comes to the rescue and eventually the other animals follow suit. Part of the word play here is the inclusion of homophones and homonyms. <677>

LET'S HAVE A TREE PARTY by David Martin with illustrations by John Manders (Candlewick Press 2012) is a rollicking rhythmic rhyming story of animals having a party in the tree. There is even a game of Simon Says to add to the fun. Join Crow and Bear and the others for the tree party. <678>
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