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the return of Mickey Rangel

Fellow Texan, Rene Saldana, created this series featuring Mickey Rangel, boy detective, a couple of years ago. THE LEMON TREE CAPER (Pinata/Arte Publico 2011) gives readers another mystery to solve along with Mickey. Mickey's mouth is watering as his unairconditioned school bus passes Tina's lemonade stand on the way home. Before he can make it to her stand to quench his thirst, though, he hears a blood-curdling scream from his neighbor's house. There he discovers TWO mysteries. One he is able to solve quickly. The other one: who stole Senorita Andrade's lemons straight from her tree, might take some time and maybe assistance from his ghost sidekick or whoever it is who leaves him notes with clues and hints. Mickey is a welcome addition to the sleuths of children's literature. This book is in English; flip it over, and the text is in Spanish as well.
Tags: middle grade novel, series, tweens
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