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Seifer Tombstone (and do enjoy the names of the characters in this GN) has been living a rather sedate life until he is kidnapped. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself "volunteered" to play the role of a missing prince: Prince Talon Pandemonium. In PANDEMONIUM by Chris Wooding (Scholastic Graphix, February 2012), the adventure has just begun. Siefer might be a dead ringer for the missing prince, but he is not fooling everyone at the palace, especially his "pet" cat who nearly shreds him when he enters the Prince's bedroom. Siefer must be able to convince the royal family and the armies that he is the prince in order for the kingdom to survive. Wooding's creations are snarly and sharp tongued and sharp witted. This makes for a wonderfully humorous and adventurous read. The GN format is well suited to this tale of mistaken identities and double crosses and political intrigue. <669>
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