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seeing ghosts

Henry Winkler and Linn Oliver team up again for a new series, Ghost Buddy. Book #1: HERO TO ZERO (Scholastic, January 2012) introduces readers to Billy Broccoli as he and his family move to a new home and a new school. Billy now has a stepsister and while he might not exactly think of himself in a Cinderella situation, he is not exactly happy with the move. Add to the fears about a new school the fact that his bedroom in the new house is in shades of lavender and pink. One more complication: it comes equipped with a ghost named Hoover Porterhouse. Billy's problems are just beginning in this adventure, mystery, school story that is certain to please those readers who already love Hank Zipzer and welcome new fans as well. <664>

Capstone's imprint, Stone Arch, highlights short easy to read chapter books. BASEMENT OF THE UNDEAD by Jason Strange (Capstone 2011) features zombies living in the basement of the school, school bullies, and lots of chases. Jason Strange is the narrator and the "detective" who investigates strange occurrences in Raven's Pass. If there are monsters to be found, leave it to Jason Strange to come to the rescue in the nick of time. <665>
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