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I'll Be Seeing You

SEE YOU AT HARRY'S by Jo Knowles (Candlewick, May 2012) absorbed my total attention on a flight to Chicago. I was actually happy (well, as happy as one can be on a plane) with the delay on the tarmac before take off and the delay in finding an open jetway on the other end of the journey as I did not want to leave this book unfinished. Fern's family owns and operates a restaurant, Harry's. Fern's Dad is always looking for a way to get publicity, but his latest scheme is, well, embarrassing. When you are 12, all is potentially embarrassing, but having to take part in a commercial wearing a doofus t-shirt is almost more than Fern can bear. But then events conspire, and the embarrassment of the commercial seems a silly thing of the past. Knowles has created a family that will resonate with so many readers, a family they will come to love. Hers is a story of family, of heartbreaking loss, of finding hope again. of moving forward despite the stultifying pain of doing so. Here is a book that will make you laugh in rueful recognition and make you weep because you care about these characters so lovingly created. Order your copy now. <659>

Note: I used my Magic Wand to scan the cover of the ARC. Thanks @skajder for telling us about it at #ncte11!
Tags: family, first love, school

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