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picture books to inform

GODS AND GODDESSES OF GREEK MYTHOLOGY by Don Nardo (Capstone/Compass Points, 2012) provides readers with a terrific overview of the various gods and goddesses from mythology. From Gaea and Uranus to the Titans and the gods of Mount Olympus, readers will enjoy the "snapshot" text and the full color illustrations. If students like this book, introduce them to George O'Connor's GN series on the gods and goddesses as well. <654>

THE GIRL'S GUIDE TO MERMAIDS: EVERYTHING ALLURING ABOUT THESE MYTHICAL BEAUTIES by Sheri Johnson (Capstone/Compass Point, 2012) introduces readers to the mythology of the mermaid. How did the story of these creatures begin? Is there some basis in reality (narwhals, manatees)? Additions such as the Mermaid yearbook (famous mermaids) and mermaid quizzes are perfect for younger readers. <655>

IT'S A PATTERN by M. W. Penn (Capstone/Pebble, 2012) discusses patterns that can be seen and patterns that can be heard. It asks readers to guess the next number in a pattern sequence, thus making this a great book to bring into a math class. Photographs accompany a rhyming text geared toward sharing with young readers. <656>
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