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love from all angles

Pearl loves to give hugs, but when you are a porcupine, sometimes hugs hurt. in HUGS FROM PEARL by Paul Schmid (Harper 2011), Pearl comes up with an ingenious way to give hugs without hurting her friends. <647>

In a similar vein, meet HEDGEHUG by Benn Sutton with illustrations by Dan Pinto (Harper 2011). On Valentine's Day, Hedgehug heads up out of his burrow with a card in hand and a heart to give. Unfortunately, his hugs come with stickers, and his love is spurned until he meets Doris the Armadillo. <648>

The final book in this love trifecta is YOU by Stephen Michael King (Greenwillow 2011). Simple text and soft watercolor illustrations combine to convey how one feels when he or she is in love. Music is sweeter and the world is more colorful as long as "you" are in it. <649>
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