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every picture has a story

It's scary when it
Happens. Dad is arrested
And goes to prison.

THE NIGHT DAD WENT TO JAIL: WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE GOES TO JAIL by Melissa Higgins with illustrations by Wednesday Kirwan. Captsone 2011. <642>

Taking care of gramps
Requires lots of planning
Here is what to do.

HOW TO BABYSIT A GRANDPA by Judy Reagan with illustrations by Lee Wildish. Knopf, 2012. <643>

Good night laila tov
Comforting words from parents
Send kids off to sleep.

GOOD NIGHT, LAILA TOV by Laurel Snyder with illustrations by Jui Ishida. Random House, 2012. <644>

Papa works far from
Home. I cannot wait to see
Him. I miss Papa.

LET'S GO SEE PAPA by Lawrence Schimel with illustrations by Alba Marina Rivera. Groundwood 2011. <645>

Butterflies spread wings
Showing off fancy colors
Spreading pollen wide.

BUTTERFLIES by Seymour Simon. Collins 2011. <646>
Tags: blog haikus, picture books
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