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last of the picture books, part 1

He trains circus acts
With dogs others discarded.
Hero to them all.

STAY: THE TRUE STORY OF TEN DOGS by Michaela Muntean with photos by KC Bailey and Stephen Kazmierski. Scholastic, 2012. <626>

John and Tom were friends
Helping to form government
For America.

THOSE REBELS JOHN AND TOM by Barbara Kerley with illustrations by Edward Fotheringham. Scholastic 2012. <627>

Daisy: prim? Sedate?
That was not her style at all.
Here come the Girl Scouts!

HERE COME THE GIRL SCOUTS by Shana Corey with illustrations by Hadley Hooper. Scholastic, 2012. <628>

If you meet a di-
no-saur. Would you know what to
Do? Now you will. Read.

SUPPOSE YOU MEET A DINOSAUR: A FIRST BOOK OF MANNERS by Judy Sierra with illustrations by Tim Bowers. Scholastic, 2012. <629>
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