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Since I spent last night in a hotel close to where my workshop was today (saving me a 3 hour commute for an 8:30 start time), I managed to knock out two books. It is amazing how a quiet respite works miracles for reading for a long stretch of time. EASY is the story of 14 year old Jessica who will do most anything to get some attention. With her father gone and living with a new woman (someone younger) and her mother still in a rage about the divorce, Jessica feels she has few folks to turn to for comfort. Even her best friend does not understand her need to feel loved. Jessica gains the attention of a boy at school. Unfortunately, he uses her for his own gratification and then tells others of their exploits. Jessica even accepts a ride from an older man craving someone who will hold her close and give her comfort. Of course, in the process, Jessica begins to lose her own identity.

This was a tough novel to read. I know the statistics: many kids Jessica's age are sexually active and use sex to garner attention. But I have two teens at home about the age of the main character and it almost makes me squirm to think of either of them entering into a physical relationship. Girls look for more than just release, and I think this book does a good job showing readers that attention is not truly what Jessica needs. There is a nice, neat ending I am happy to report. I think that younger readers need Jessica to recognize the error of her ways. They do not need this to be a heavy handed book where Jessica gets pregnant or has to have an abortion or gets an STD. It avoids some of the pitfalls that a book that tackles this subject could easily fall prey to.

I am curious to see what my teens think of this one.

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