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miracles can happen

Sixteen year old Cam is wise beyond her years. She has been battling cancer most of her life. Now, it seems, she has run out of options. Her mother, though, a dancer in one of the Disney Polynesian shows, is not daunted. She packs up Cam, her younger sister, and the car and heads off to Promise, Maine, a town so magical that one must find a way into a town that exists almost like Brigadoon (obscure reference for some, but one of my favorite Gene Kelly movies). Cam and her family find Promise, and things appear to be as advertised. There are magnificent scenes all around, a flock of errant flamingos, a possible love interest, and for Cam some respite from her disease. Is this a miracle? THE PROBABILITY OF MIRACLES by Wendy Wunder (Razorbill 2011) examines what could be dark territory. Wunder shines intense light, a light that brings comfort and sorrow in measured doses. The feelings seem spot on, the humor is dark. It is the character of Cam that remains. <624>
Tags: cancer, death and dying, magic, ya
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