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Brian Selznick's novel will not be available until the spring of 207. However, judging from the ARC, it needs to be on everyone's must have list. Selznick combines elements of graphic novels, film, and traditional story into THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET. Set in the early part of the 20th century in Paris, this incredible novel is the story of Hugo, son of a clockmaker. When his father dies in a fire, Hugo is taken in by his uncle who keeps the clocks in the train station in working order. He is a drunk, though, and it is not long before Hugo is doing his uncle's work. When his uncle disappears, Hugo continues to wind, service, and repair the clocks. He must eke out his existence without being caught. However, the toy maker across from the grand clock does catch Hugo making off with a toy one day. And that is all I think I can tell you of this remarkable tale as it needs to be experienced personally to see exactly how Selznick works his magic with words and illustration. His artistic and writing talent have been evident rom the beginning of his career. I think this book launches Selznick into a new level as it demonstrates how the lines among media have blurred and will continue to blur so that new creations such as this wondrous story can see the light of day.

I will scan the cover sometime in the next few weeks as it is not available in the usual places. In the meantime, find a galley and take a ride to the moon with Selznick.

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