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The geek shall inherit the earth

Trying my best to catch up on posting all of the books read this month has been daunting to say the least. But I hope to finish out November with a handful of new YA like GEEK FANTASY NOVEL by E. Archer (pseudonym) (Scholastic 2011). Ralph is spending the summer with his cousins in England ostensibly to set up a wi-fi network in their rather strange home. Ralph discovers that there is more to life than meets the eye. He also comes to understand why his parents have been a tad overprotective when it comes to making wishes and meeting the relatives. Quick as a wink he is involved in an action packed quest to assist his cousins and defeat the "monsters" that would make mincemeat of the family. Metafiction at its finest, this story is hilarious and unpredictable. Pair this with A TALE DARK AND GRIMM.
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