professornana (professornana) wrote,

Dickens meets the Faeries

In THE FAERIE RING by Kiki Hamilton (Tor 2011), Tiki lives on the streets of London taking shelter with other homeless children near Charing Cross. In an attempt to escape someone following her, Tiki jumps onto the back of a carriage and ends up in Buckingham Palace. Hiding herself under a desk, she is amazed when one of the princes tosses a ring so that his mother cannot see it in his possession. The ring is now Tiki's and she has plans to use the money to help herself and her friends off the streets. However, the ring in her possession is more than simple jewelry. It is a ring that guarantees the separation of the "real" world from that of the faeries. There are those who would kill to get their hands on the ring Tiki now possesses. Dickens meets the paranormal in this adventure with a touch of romance and some political intrigue as well. <581>
Tags: ;pickpockets, faeries, london
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