professornana (professornana) wrote,

welcome to ALAN

I have been mostly tweeting from the NCTE conferfence in Chicago as my time has been limited for extended periods of writing. Taking a few minutes here to recap. Hightlights:

1. listening to Matthew Shepard's mother at the Stop the Bullying session. Ditto the other speakers there.
2. Getting to listen to booktalks from Don Gallo, Daria Plumb, Jen Walsh and Jennifer Buehler.
3. conducting my first BOD meeting as ALAN Executive Secretary
4. sharng books with Middle Mosaic audience
5. doing workshop with Sara Kajder, Donalyn Miller, and Franki Sibberson (smart women all)
6. Candlewick dinner with Tobin Anderson and Alan Wolff
7. Little Brown dinner with AS King, Sara Zarr, Matthew Quick and Victoria Stapleton
8. Day one of the ALAN workshop: too many speakers to count already and we are only 1/3 through
9. meeting Twitter friends FTF
10. getting out of the hotel from hell
Tags: alan, ncte
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