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the picture books keep coming

WILD ROSE'S WEAVING by Ginger Churchill with illustrations by Nicole Wong (Tanglewood 2011) gives readers the story of a girl who is much too busy to learn how to weave from her grandmother. Instead, she runs over the hillsides and dips her feet into the river. When she returns, she is amazed to see what her grandmother has created on her loom. Pair this one with ANNIE AND THE OLD ONE. <563>

EVERY-DAY DRESS by Selina Alko (Knopf 2011) is a bit deceptive from the outside. It appears to be a book about a young girl laying dress up with clothes from an old trunk. Look inside, though, and you will see this girl transform herself into Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Maria Tallchief, and other women. An appendix gives brief biographies of the women featured in this book. <564>

In THE SCAR (Candlewick 2011), a young boy is angry over the death of his mother. Who will take care of him? How could she leave him? His father will never learn how to cut his toast just right. Charlotte Moundlic and illustrator Olivier Tallec have produced a book that is simple in its approach to death. It is frank and heartbreaking but always hopeful. <565>

THE ORPHAN by Anthony Manna and Soula Mitakidou with illustrations by Giselle Potter is a Cinderella story from Greece. It will be familiar in places to those who know more than the sanitized Disney version of this classic tale. Rhyme and repetition and other motifs make this a strong addition to a fairy tale collection. <566>

MY DOG, MY CAT by Ashlee Fletcher (Tanglewood 2012) presents the differences between the two pets. One has a wt tongue; the other's tongue is rough. However, there are some similarities as well: both pets love their owner and their owner loves them. Simple illustrations with splashes of color to accentuate are perfect for this easy reader. <567>
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