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The Mighty Miss Malone

THE MIGHTY MISS MALONE by Christopher Paul Curtis (Wendy Lamb Books, January 2012) takes readers back to the award winning setting of BUD NOT BUDDY. It is the Depression and times are tough. Many are out of work including Deza Malone's father. When he leaves Gary, Indiana, for Flint, Michigan, in search of work, the Malone house just is not the same. Deza misses her father, the man who worshipped her, who asked about her day, who took interest in her accomplishments. Eventually, Deza and her mother and brother Jimmie leave to search for him. <557>

If you know the work of Christopher Paul Curtis, then you know what to expect from THE MIGHTY MISS MALONE. Humor? Check. Family. Check? Hardship? Check. Impeccable dialogue? Check. Characters you come to care about? Yep. Connections to contemporary readers despite the historic setting? Uh-huh. Minor characters who are just as carefully drawn as the major players? You bet. In short, this is quintessential Curtis, making the past come alive for readers once more. The letter to readers that precedes the story is personal and perfect and helps let us know what drove Curtis to write the story of Miss Deza Malone and her family. Welcome back, Chris. It's always too long for me between books!
Tags: christopher paul curtis, companion books, depression
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