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Your Participation Requested

Dear Colleagues,
Please excuse cross posting as well as this interruption in the month's discussion.
We ask you to take a few minutes to jot down the top five (5) children’s picture book titles that you enjoy sharing with children and that have been created and published in the United States.
After all titles have been submitted, we will rank order the nominations and submit the United States’ top ten list to the IFLA Libraries for Children and Young Adults Committee. Act soon! The survey closes in about two weeks.
Aim of the Project: To create a list of picture books from around the world that have been selected and recommended by librarians. These can then be used:
• As a way of celebrating and promoting the language, culture and quality of children’s book publishing from each country
• By countries wishing to purchase books from other countries and are looking for ‘favorite’ titles to help build and develop their collections
• By “Sister Libraries” as a way of exploring the children’s literature of their ”Sister Library” country
• As an opportunity to encourage interaction and growth within IFLA
• To develop the list into an exhibition with supporting catalogue that can be exhibited at the IBBY and IFLA conferences in 2012
• have been published first in the United States
• have been written originally in English
• be in print (and therefore available for purchase)
• be excellent for reading aloud to and with children
• be suitable for any age between 0 – 11 years
• have or will last the test of time
• represent the best in picture books of the United States
• be of good quality and a high standard of publishing
• have text and illustrations that work well together
• reflect a positive message

Many thanks!
Linda M. Pavonetti, IBBY Vice President and ALSC Representation to the IFLA Libraries for Children and Young Adults Committee
Barbara Genco, ALA Representation to the IFLA Libraries for Children and Young Adults Committee
PS: Please feel free to share the link!
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