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the incomparable Richard Peck

Richard Peck continues to write books. That is not a surprise at all. What is surprising is that he continues to try his hand at different kinds of stories. I first met Peck when reading his YA books: ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE?, FATHER FIGURE, DON'T LOOK AND IT WON'T HURT for which YALSA presented him with the Margaret Edwards Award. Then, Richard wrote poetry and edited collections; he penned short stories such as "Shotgun Cheatham's Last Night Above Ground" and "Priscilla and the Wimps." He wrote historical fiction and won a Newbery and a Newbery Honor Medal. Last year he ventured back to the paranormal (he had done it before with Blossom Culp) in THREE QUARTERS DEAD. And now we come to SECRETS AT SEA. The amazing Richard Peck has penned an animal tale that is a combinations British drawing room tale, comedy of manners, and romance with MICE. Yes, mice. The words that come to mind immediately are enchanting, spell binding, funny, cunning, droll, and engaging. The satire works wonderfully in the skilled hands of Peck. While the story is a terrific selection for reading aloud to a younger audience, there are plenty of barbs here to keep the adult reader not only entertained but enthralled. The illustrations are absolutely the icing on the cupcake (ask Helena about icing on the cupcake while you are at it. Bravo for SECRETS AT SEA! <550>

NOTE: Mr. Peck will keynote our Jan Paris Book Fest in November of 2012. Stay tuned for details in a few more months.
Tags: animal fantasies, comedy of manners, humor
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