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HOW THE LEOPARD GOT HIS CLAWS is a fabulous por quoi story told by Chinua Schebe with John Iroganachi with illustrations by Mary Grandpre (Candlewick 2011). In the beginning, all of the animals in the forest lived together as friends. Leopard served as king of the animals, a friend to all of them. When he suggests building a common shleter for all the animals, he is met with considerable resistance from the dog, the sole animal with sharp teeth and claws. However, when flooding threatens the dog, he hurries to the shelter and attacks any who would turn him away or dare enter what he proclaims as his shelter. Leopard, defeated by the dog, leaves his kingdom. He is greatly changed when he finally returns to declare his reign once again. Vibrant illustrations lush with greens and golds, extend the text perfectly. Combine this with other por quoi tales such as the classic WHY MOSQUITOES BUZZ IN PEOPLE'S EAR and with some of the explanatory myths (Narcissus for instance). <546>
Tags: africa, folk tales, por quoi
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