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Welcome to the world of the FLYING BEAVER BROTHERS by Maxwell Eaton (Knopf, January 2012). My ARC was two books in one though they will be published separately. And they do stand alone as well. In THE FISHY BUSINESS, Ace and Bub, aka the Beaver Brothers, are sharing their home with two penguins. Bub and Ace uncover a new industry that is stripping the forest of its trees and polluting the environment to boot. It will be up to Ace, with the assistance of the penguins, to stop this dastardly plot. In THE EVIL PENGUIN PLAN, Ace's surfboard is stolen the night before a big competition. As Ace and Bub track down the stolen board, they uncover (you guessed it) a secret plan to turn their part of the ocean into a penguin pleasure spot. The recurring characters are broadly drawn and the plots are parallel from one book to another making this a perfect GN for newly emergeing readers. However, the humor extends beyond simple and will have older readers (like yours truly) snorting, too. <544> <545>
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