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Is there a down side?

OK, I am going to drop all pretense of propriety here because THE DOWNSIDE OF BEING UP by Alan Sitomer (Putnam 2011) is about erections, boners, you know. Seriously, the story focuses on a 13 year old named Bobby who ends up having to see a therapist because of an unfortune incident in math class. Warning: do not drink liquids when reading this scene (or much of the book for that matter) as it will be cause for spewing said liquid painfully through nose and mouth, I suspect. Bobby ends up facing expulsion because of his "behavior" and opts for therapy sessions with one of the most whacked out therapists ever to enter the profession. However, Bobby manages to survive, even maybe to find a girl who is not repulsed by his, ahem, history in class. Sitomer has written a frank and funny look at what it is like to be a normal boy. Along the way he adds some eccentric characters (Gramps in particular) and unusual situations to add to the merriment. while I am far removed from being a 13 year old boy, it does not take super Spidey sense to know this book will be wildly popular with its target audience. <542>
Tags: erections, family, friendship, romance, school, therapy
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