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Graphic Series

Jarrett Krosoczka gives us another episode of his Lunch Lady series in LUNCH LADY AND THE FIELD TRIP FIASCO (Knopf 2011). Lunch Lady joins the Breakfast Bunch on a field trip to an art museum. When the kids suspect that all is not right, they begin to investigate. Lunch Lady, of course, is on hand to help foil the plans of the art thieves aided by her assistant Betty. I am still flummoxed how Krosoczka is able to accomplish storytelling with few colors on the palette B&W with touches of yellow) but his characters and the details we come to know and love about each of them add depth to the story as well. <521>

Ah, A VERY BABYMOUSE CHRISTMAS by Jennifer and Matthew Holm (Random House 2011) is a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season to come (though Target and other stories think it nearer). Parodies of A NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS and A CHRISTMAS CAROL are just two of the humorous elements of the story as BabyMouse covets the newest electronic gadget for her Christmas gift. The Whizbang does it all including folding laundry and doing homework (if the ads are to be believed). What makes BabyMouse tick is that though rodent she reflects so much of the exuberant though misguided kids we all know and love. The best gift for Christmas? More BabyMouse. <522>
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