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A newly redesigned edition of Derek Kirk Kim's SAME DIFFERENCE (First Second 2011), winner of an Eisner, Ignatz, and Harvey Award, will welcome readers to some of the earlier work of Kim. His collaboration with Gene Yang in THE ETERNAL SMILE was my introduction to this gifted artist. Yang writes the foreword for this new edition, and that alone makes the book a terrific read. What follows, though, is an incredibly spot-on examination of the lives of young adults. Not teens, but young adults who are exploring what the new life without high school has to offer, young adults who are looking back occasionally with some regret as well as looking forward with some fear. Simon and Nancy's conversations ring true. Kim adds depth to their characters not just with words but with his use of line and shading also. Simon is returning to his hometown so that Nancy can connect with someone she has been talking to via mail and online using someone else's identity. However, once home, Simon has the rare opportunity to right a wrong from his past. Coincidental? Could be. However, Kim makes it all work in this engaging GN. <523>
Tags: first second, graphic novels, young adults
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