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Tag! You Are It!

Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong have collaborated on a collection of poetry that simply: YOU. MUST. HAVE. P*TAG is available in download from Kindle for $2.99( Vardelll and Wong have brought together some of the finest contemporary poets including Lee Bennett Hopkins, Noami Shihab Nye, Betsy Franco, Paul Janeczko, Sara Holbrook, Margarita Engle, Marilyn Singer, Arnold Adoff, Kathi Appelt, and J. Patrick Lewis (and there are many more). The rules for this poetry tag game were that one poet was tagged, selected a photo (all taken by Vardell) and wrote a poem and a short narrative about the inspiration for the work. Then, a new poet was tagged. This poet had to select a new photo and then include a minimum of three words from the previous poem in the new addition. The results are spectacular. Here is an eBook worthy of classroom use with plenty of teen appeal. Plus, it is perfect for reading aloud as well. <518>
Tags: anthology, ebook, photography, poetry
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