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Will Moses' great grandmother was Grandma Moses. Now, we see her great grandson use much of her techniques and approach in MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB: THE TRUE STORY OF THE FAMOUS NURSERY RHYME (Philomel 2011). I had always thought Sarah Josepha Hale the author of this rhyme, but now know the story of how it all began. Like some of the Mother Goose rhymes, this one had a basis in a real life event. <513>

PAUL THURLBY'S ALPHABET (Templar Books 2011) takes each letter of the alphabet and illustrates it with an object beginning with that letter. Nothing ground breaking there, right? But, take a look at the illustrations and how the letter itself is woven into the object (or rather how the object contains the letter) and you have an alphabet book that takes readers to a new level. <514>

THE THREE LITTLE ALIENS AND THE BIG BAD ROBOT (Schwartz & Wade 2011) by Margaret McNamara and Mark Fearing takes three little aliens and sends them off into the galaxy in search of a new place to live. Two do not heed their mother's warning about the big bad robot. Luckily little alien #3 builds a home suitable for sharing. <515>
Tags: concept books, nonfiction, picture books, retellings
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