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I loved CARTER FINALLY GETS IT in audio so it should be no surprise that the sequel CARTER'S BIG BREAK by Brent Crawford and narrated by the inimitable Nick Podehl (Brilliance 2011) is another incredibly funny adventure in audio. Carter is cast in a movie being filmed in his home town. His co-star is none other than Hillary Idaho (think Hannah Montana). She comes complete with entourage which includes a bodyguard. Carter learns what it is really like behind the scenes as he makes his debut in acting in a movie. Carter stumbles into all manner of situations here including becoming the cover boy for a tabloid when he and Hilary go swimming. Carter is brash and profane yet also sensitive to the feelings and needs of others from time to time. He is a memorable character who begs to be the star of another book. <506>
Tags: audio, brilliance, humor
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