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25 September 2011 @ 08:22 am
back to school with R. L. Stine  

Spent enough time in the car recently to complete two short audiobooks. R.L. Stine's IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FOREVER (MacMillan Audio 2011)is read by Matthew Brown with a wonderful mix of disbelief, horror, and indignation. Artie awakens on the first day of school (a new school for him) to find his cell phone almost dead. When he plugs it in, he nearly electrocutes himself. Breakfast is a horror when his little brother splatters Artie's hair with syrup. On the walk to school, Artie is dowsed by a passing truck. As the accidents mount up, Artie hits the most popular kid in school in the head, enters the wrong classroom, and finds himself in the underbelly of the school with a janitor who might just be growing pod people. How can it get worse? Simple, Artie wakes up the next day and it is Day #1 all over again. Think "Groundhog Day" at the heart, but if you know Stine, then you know there is more to the story. Use this to teach kids about hyperbole! <491>
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