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KING HUGO'S HUGE EGO by Chris Van Dusen (Candlewick 2011) is a wonderful rollicking rhyming romp about a pompous king who demands that his subjects listen to him extolling his own virtues each day. One day, he is cursed so that every time he brags about his own worth, his head grows bigger. The illustrations emphasize the humor of Hugo's situation.

Susan Campbell Bartoletti gives readers a lullaby in NAAMAH AND THE ARK AT NIGHT (Candlewick 2011). Naamah is Noah's wife. it is she who sings the animals to sleep on the ark at night. It is she who makes sure the human occupants also enjoy refreshing sleep and peaceful dreams. The poetic structure, a ghazal, is an ancient Arabic form, one that perhaps readers will want to try once they have read and re-read this book. <480>

Robie Harris gives young readers another informational book in WHO HAS WHAT? ALL ABOUT GIRLS' BODIES AND BOYS' BODIES (Candlewick 2011). Illustrations by Nadine Bernard Westcott present boys and girls and moms and dads all heading to the beach. A discussion about how bodies are similar and different comes up. Comparisons are made to how our bodies are similar to those of animals (places where pee and poop comes out, tongues, eyes, etc.) and how we differ. Ditto the similarities and differences between boys and girls, men and woman. <481>
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