professornana (professornana) wrote,

Better late than never

Many of you know I am trying to do some weeding of shelves at the office. As I was pulling books, I found this gem that had somehow gotten lost in a double shelving incident. Better late than never, right?

ZITA THE SPACEGIRL by Ben Hatke (First Second 2011) is the first GN in a series that will follow Zita on her journey. When Zita finds a strange looking device inside a meteor one day, she manages to activate a hole of sorts through which she and her friend Joseph travel to another planet, a planet set to be destroyed by an oncoming meteor. Joseph is kidnapped by the Scriptorians who believe him to be the child who has been foretold as the savior of the planet. Zita, with the help of some of the alien life on the new planet, must find a way to rescue Joseph and to return back to Earth. <472>

Tie this one to ASTRONAUT ACADEMY for an interesting text set.
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