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stacks and stacks of picture books

WHO HAS THESE FEET? by Laura Hulbert with illustrations by Erik Brooks (Holt 2011) is a terrific piece of bnonfiction that asks kids to guess which animal has the feet being shown? Not only is the name of the animal then revealed on the next double page spread, there are facts about why the feet are designed in certain ways (i.e., fur on the feet of the polar bear to help it not slip on ice). Nice fold out at the end as well. <464>

RAH RAH RADISHES celebrates all things vegetable.Bright photos and a ringing chant with lovely and cleber rhymes (poblano/serrano for instance) make this book by April Pulley Sayre (Beach Lane 2011) not only fun to read but nutritious as well! <465>

Patricia Intriago's DOT (FSG 2011) now sits alongside PRESS HERE as one of my favorite books of the season. Dots, you will be pleased to know, can be shy, sad, and happy as well as large and small and dark and light. Great concept book that stretches the boundaries. <466>

BANDITS are raccoons in Johanna Wright's (Roaring Brook 2011) story about the thieves that come in the night to purloin a little snack. The bandits are a cute lot, a family of raccoons who mean no real harm. <467>
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