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hurry up and wait part 2

The drive to and from downtown Houston is not far as the crow flies. Mostly that is because the crow flies over the traffic jams that are Houston freeways. Therefore, I had plenty of time to listen to the audio of THE EXQUISITE CORPSE ADVENTURE (Candlewick on Brilliance 2011). The audio was so funny and quirky that I found myself not totally minding the knot of traffic.

Twenty award winning authors and illustrators combine their talents for this story that began online with one author writing a chapter, taking readers to a cliffhanger ending, and then turning the pen over to the next author to continue the story. Kate diCamillo, Lemony Snicket, Tobin Anderson, Katherine Paterson, and Jon Scieszka (to name only a few) create a wacky world with yolky aliens, talking pigs, robots in search of body parts, and twin protagonists who are searching through time for their parents. The audio for this incredible tale is spot on perfection. At turns it is snarky; other times it is deadpan as the narrator conveys horrifically punny egg jokes. What a wonderful way to spend time going nowhere in the car while traveling in a crib through time. <458>
Tags: audio, brilliance
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