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the books keep coming

WILD WOMEN OF THE WILD WEST by Jonah Winter with illustrations by Susan Guevara (Holiday House 2011) is a collective biography of some of the women who helped shape the Wild West. Included are some familiar figures like Carry nation, Annie Oakley, and Calamity Jane. However, there are some new faces here: Dona Maria Gertrudis Barcelo, a woman who owned a casino and Mary Fields, a former slave who became a stagecoach driver. Each person is given a one page bio with the facing page being a wonderful painting by Guevara. <450>

Eloise Greenfield was a baby when her parents became part of THE GREAT MIGRATION: JOURNEY TO THE NORTH (Amistad 2011). Jan Spivey Gilchrist provides illustrations for this poetic description of the great migration. Readers will learn about how the news reached those in the South, how they travelled and what awaited them on their arrival. <451>

BEN FRANKLIN: HIS WIT AND WISDOM FROM A-Z by Alan Schroeder with illustrations by John O'Brien (Holiday House 2011) is a collection of all things Franklin from A for armonica, a musical instrument Franklin invented to Z for zeal. Interspersed among text and illustrations are sayings from Poor Richard's Almanac. <452>
Tags: biographies, nonfiction, picture books
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