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more picture books to enjoy

Thomas Yezerski explores the MEADOWLANDS, wetlands in New Jersey (FSG 2011). He traces the hsitory of teh wetlands and how they shrank over time and came to be inhospitable to sustaining wildlife. Thanks to efforts on the part of the human population of the Meadowlands, the area, though still small compared to its origins, has come back and is able to sustain more and more wildlife. Great book about impacting the environment. <443>

JIM HENSON: THE GUY WHO PLAYED WITH PUPPETS by Kathleen Krull with illustratons by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher (Random House 2011) is a terrific biography about Henson and his dream to bring puppets to life. It traces his childhood and continues through his adolescence and adult life as Henson pursues a degree in Hoime Economics so that he can study puppetry and other related topics. Most kids will know Henson's work on the Muppets. This book gives them the background on the man who created the Muppets. <444>

REPTILES in one of the Insiders series from Simon and Schuster (2011). Large illustrations and call out boxes and other means of delivering information give readers an inside look at the world of reptiles. Turtles, crocs, snakes, and other members of the reptile family are seen up close. <445>

Given the coverage of Hurrican Irene in the past week, kids might be interested in this Insiderrs book about EXTREME WEATHER (Simon and Schuster 2011). Hurricanes, monster waves, tornadoes, and more are here with plenty of visuals to assist readers in understanding extreme weather. <446>
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