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WHAT PUPPIES DO BEST by Laura Numeroff with illustrations by Lynn Munsinger (Chronicle 2011) is a simple pattern book about the fun and pleasure puppies bring into our lives. This could easily be used as a model for writing about other topics (what kittens do best, what sisters do best, etc). <422>

A basic concept book is made tasty in CANDY 1 TO 20 by Laurie Wolf and Pam Abrams with photos by Bruce Wolf. Count licorice laces, swedish fish, and other yummy treats that form the numbers from 1 to 20. <423>

EYE POPPING 3 D BUGS by Barry and Betsy Rothstein (Chronicle 2011) comes with two pair of 3 D glasses (*thanks for the spare pair, right educators?). The glasses make centipedes, praying mantises, and other bugs seem to rise off the page. Lots of photos and text filled with interesting information in this nonfiction book that is sure to please bug lovers. <424>

Bob Marley's song "One Love" is the basis for this children's book by Cedella Marley with illustrations by Vanessa Brantley-Newton (Chronicle 2011). All of the things to love are here in bright images which will make them accessible to all children. <425>

TILLIE THE TERRIBLE SWEDE by Sue Stauffacher with illustrations by Sarah McMenemy (Knopf 2011) fits so nicely in with the Matt Phelan ARC I read this weekend, AROUND THE WORLD (Candlewick, October 2011). Tillie lived riding her bike despite criticism that it was not proper or lady-like. She made herself a biking outfit that was scandalous, but she could race more comfortably in it. One woman bicyclist could and did make changes in what was deemed proper for women and the new-fangled transportation. <426>
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